Friday, April 1, 2011

what kind of milk makes head cheese?

Not the head cheese I made, but a fairly close resemblance will suffice for the sake of visual stimulation.  It's just like the dating sites.  You're 10 times more likely to get a hit with a photo.  Not that I take part in the online dating community.  Okay I have, but not currently.

As my first time making head cheese, I'd have to say it turned out pretty damn good.  I used Fergus Henderson's book The Whole Beast:  Nose To Tail Eating as a reference guide.  Why not?  He seems To know what he's talking about(lol...duh!).  My plan was to make the head cheese with a crispy ear salad, but my pig head came with his ears clipped off.  Pretty disappointing, yes. Yet my farmer assured me she would get me another pig head with ears and all free of charge(really nice lady).  Instead of the pig's ear for the salad I tried to find something to take it's place that might be a similar look, taste, idea.  I took some of the whole slab bacon and roasted it and dried it and slice it thin and deep fried it.  My mock crispy pig's ear worked out ok for this application.  I served them on top of some thinly shaved romaine hearts with some raw turnips, fried capers, and a drizzle of apple and whole grain mustard dressing with the head cheese and cornichons on the side.  Not the biggest hit this week for lunch.  I only sold a few, but I assure you the few let me know they were pleasantly surprised to see it on the menu and enjoyed it thoroughly.

It bums me out when I make something that I put so much of myself into and it doesn't get it's just deserves.  What do I expect?  People aren't always up for the daring or the disgusting as some would put it.  I just call it delicious.  I won't let it discourage me though.  I'll make it again and again.  I only wish my grandmother was still around to teach me how she made it.  She would have loved that, and so would have I.  Now that I'm finally ready to give head cheese it's dues.  She would have loved this dish.  This I know.  So this head cheese, my very first head cheese I dedicate to you grandma.  I know you're proud of me.  I love you.

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