Sunday, April 3, 2011

people let me tell you 'bout my best friend....

I love pig.  I love duck.  Why not, right?  Maybe you remember the duck muffaletta sandwich with tasty capicola ham and duck confit, and of course the duck fat aioli.  Fantastic!  It sold pretty well.  This week the combo can live on with pork confit.  After brining some pork shoulder for a few days, I tossed it in some duck fat and confit'd that mutha.  Duck fat is just so versatile.  It works so well with so many things.  I then added some sheets of gelatin to some duck stock I made prior, using leftover carcasses(ya got to use it all folks).  I seasoned up my now pulled pork confit, added some pine nuts and dried currants, and drizzled in the stock.  I pressed the meat into a molding pan and weighted it down.  Today I uncovered it to see a perfectly solid terrine-like brick of pork.  I cut it into serving sized cubes and gave one a test drive.  I dredged in seasoned flour and flash fried it to give it good color and a nice crisp outside.  After finishing in the oven, I pulled it out gave it a try.  Delicious!  So moist and a perfectly crispy cube-like appearance.  I can't wait to serve this up with some brown butter applesauce, brussels sprouts, yukons, pickled mustard seeds and some crispy chicken skin.  I would have liked to attempted some duck chicharrones, but I had used my duck skin up on previous applications.

As it turns out pigs, ducks, and even chickens can all get along together.  If only I could live on the farm.  Well, my mother does often ask me if I were born in a barn, but then again she would know better than I. Right?

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