Saturday, April 9, 2011

damn it feels good to be a gangsta

Do you ever have days that you felt you just rocked it all day long?  Every move you made was timed just right to follow up the last move and so on and so forth?  Time itself stood still for you?  You were able to do things you've wanted to do but haven't had time or ambition for?  Everyone smiled and nodded as they walked by, thinking to themselves "This guy knows what's up!" me neither.  Okay it was an alright day.

I did have some extra time to play around a bit.  So with some inspiration from the book Ideas in Food, I smoked whatever I could today.  I cold smoked some duck breasts(nothing new for me).  Also some mozzarella and tomatoes for a little smokey antipasto.  I also smoked some flour.  We made some pasta out of it.  Smoked pappardelle with spicy beef balls.  I saved some smoked tomatoes for a vinaigrette to go with some cold smoked mussels for Monday(top it off with fried leeks).

The winner this week was the coconut curry chicken sandwich with grapes and almonds,  a handful of fresh cilantro, and a spicy corn chutney on a fresh ciabatta bun.  I probably sold a hundred of those suckers.   I always seem to have an excess of chicken to use up so this worked out fabulously.

For Monday, I will also start on some elk and bison meatloaf.  Local game of course.  I'll even wrap in our farmer's deliciously smoke bacon and serve it up with some yukons and some of those black trumpets.  And only because I love them so much I toss some lingonberries with some demi.

not so gangsta

On an entirely different note, who the hell is Curtis Stone?  And why is he all over my TV and computer?  I can't help but feel nothing but contempt for this d-bag.  What has he done besides be on every show on TV?  Besides he looks like a gay woman.

See what I mean? (sorry Ellen)  Either that or a gay porn star, not that I know what that might be(Vin Diesel).  Seriously though I promise you I am not a homophobe or a hater(thats exactly what one would say ha).  I'd like to quit the gratuitous slamming of Stone with one positive thing I was able to find that I find admirable of him.  He worked with the legend Marco Pierre White and even ran one of his kitchens.  To be honest thats definitely saying something(even though Marco of all people sold out as well, sooner or later money becomes the sole issue)(I can't say I wouldn't).  Other than that I can't find a reason why this guy got so famous.  Maybe he's doing good things, maybe he is in gay porn.  Either way I just want him off my TV.

especially not so gangsta

To keep it short I'll just say Shola from Studiokitchen, if he hasn't already, should make a new rule # whatever:  Celebrities should not make cookbooks.  This means you Quyneth Paltrow.  Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

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