Sunday, April 3, 2011

vegans are creepy..............creeeeepy

Absolutely appalling!  Vegans are a desperately disgusting breed with need for some reason to spread their disturbing propaganda.  Don't ask how I found this site.  I just stumbled upon it.  This is an older post, but this is a fully operational anti meat eaters site.  I made the link available for all who wish to check it out(along with a few more unnecessary laughable photos).

Although the photos were made most likely as an ad for meat eaters.  The author of the site would like to lend their idiotic notions that portraying these animals as "sexy meat"  is degrading to women.  They would like to have you believe that just as women shouldn't be looked as meat neither should these "non-human animals."  They went further to say the ads represent an algorithm, sex=meat=death.  The real joke here is simple idea that animals weren't put on earth to feed humans.  If humans didn't kill and utilize animals for the many many necessities we need them for today, think of the overpopulation of so many creatures.  The world we be a disaster(well a bigger one).  Think of a lion in the wild killing a zebra for food.  Is that against nature or is it the exact premise it.  You tell me.

And just one more thing.  I am not telling anyone they shouldn't be vegan or they have to eat meat.  Everyone has their say over their decisions and preferences.  All I'm saying is quit throwing it down everyone's throat.  Quit treating the human race like the enemy just for consuming animal products(there's much better arguments to be had).  But every loser with a computer has an opinion.  Including yours truly.

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