Tuesday, April 26, 2011

so sad i've got the bleus

Yea so I've always got the blues, but today I got the bleus.  A three course tasting menu using bleu cheese.  I love bleu cheese and so decided to have a tasting of bleu last week.   

First up, the grilled bleu caesar salad.  Of course I fired up the smoker and cold smoked some delicious bleu.  The romaine head is doused in butter and s+p and thrown on the grill to char a little(mmm it's like the lettuce that falls off your big mac lol).  Toss it with some black garlic and pepper dressing and caramelized onions.  Meanwhile deep fry some polenta croutons that got a little smoked bleu cheese love. Top it with some more crumbles and there you have your salad.

Main course, is grilled bison NY strip with a yukon gold potato rosti, brown buttered brussels sprouts and a bleu cheese fondue.  My micros lady just dropped off some daikon sprouts so they made it in to the picture as well.

For dessert, the killer, black sambuca layer cake with bleu cheese buttercream frosting.  Odd combination, but seriously it's so f'n delicious.  Throw a little blueberry couli and some fresh berries and crumbles to finish it off.  No doubt the highlight of the prix fixe.  I will be using this again only next time serving it up with a black garlic ice cream.

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