Tuesday, April 12, 2011

random crappy photo day...yay

Cleaning out the old phone camera.  So no I haven't got my camera fixed yet(sorry money isn't exactly falling out of the sky).  For now hear are some old pics to mull over.
 Yes nasty tuna.  I had to take this pic to send back to the
 fish company.  I was nastier than the fish.  
Hooray for free fish!
Yep, my dog's ass about ass appetizing as the last one.
Sorry, just had to throw that in there.
This is proof of how much I love pig.  I eat so
much I woke up one day and I had sprouted a tail.
Also a shameless Hanes promotion.
Lol! I found this cookbook in an old stack of books 
at work.  The funniest shit ever!  Even funnier I 
found a recipe I used!
Turducken!  Hooray for meat glue!  I love 
Cow tongue.  I take my profession seriously.  Doesn't
mean I can't have some fun. 

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