Saturday, April 23, 2011

food cares? we're all gonna fry anyways

From the beginning I asked myself the whys, and I 
continue to ask myself. - Feran Adria

What's the point right?  Why do we do any of it anyways?  I'm so tired in general(by the way this is my blog so I'll write whatever I want and you can read whatever you want lol).  Sooner or later your left wondering when the recognition will come.  When will I get appreciated?  Reality is most of our efforts go on thankless.  But every corner leads to a turn(whatever that means).

The measure of achievements is not winning awards.  It's doing 
something you appreciate, something you believe to be
worthwhile.  - Julia Child

So it's for the love?  For the self satisfying pleasure, the inner gratification.  It's who we are.  Imagine this though.  Take away everything you love.  What's left?  Besides the depressing nature of it all.  What's left of you?  What are you?  Who are you now?  The obvious truth is we our love.  I love to cook therefore I am.  I love my support system(family), therefore I stand.  I guess what I am saying is without a love in our hearts and souls we have no identity.  We have no purpose.  I suppose that is why I get frightened by the future.  Frightened that I could fall out of love with myself(my profession).  Self doubt is a nasty foe, and I know I'll never be finished fighting those battles.

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does.
Love is a battle, love is a war;  love is growing up. - James Baldwin

I feel it inside now.  I feel as if I am doing what I love.  Cooking is like breathing for me(and who doesn't love to breath lol).  And whether or not I like it life will send me curve balls.  Love will come and go.  I just hope I love whoever I am tomorrow as much as who I was yesterday.

We must become the change we want to see. - Ghandi

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