Sunday, May 1, 2011

a winter wonder land

Can you believe it's May 1st and this is my backyard.  Snow?  In May?  Only in North Dakota folks.  Personally I love the snow.  I love the gloomy weather.  For me it's inspiring.  Don't ask me why, I just feel like I can focus more on food and new ideas.   No hot sun and green grass begging to come out and play in(lol).  On that note I feel like I get a new found creativity every time I get stuck in a depressing mood(which sometimes might happen more than a little).  But what artist doesn't spill his tortured soul onto the canvas, paper, plate.....  Perhaps I'm being a little over dramatic.

All in all I welcome the snow, the rain, the clouds.  I love living in North Dakota.  It fuels my heart and nourishes my soul.  It fulfills my needs and feeds my desires.  It's home.

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