Sunday, May 15, 2011

melon cauli and infinite bananas

A working title really.  Which should of course have nothing to do with the rest of this.  More of a play on words to express my mood.  And yes I must think you're all idiots.  I know I am.

I hate running into people you don't want to see.  Some people are just annoying.  Others break your heart all over again every time you see them.  So what do you do?  You drink.  "Another Pabst Blue Ribbon please sir."  And enough shots until you can't feel feelings anymore (which is impossible by the way, unless you pass out, but I'm pretty sure your sad drunken dreams reflect your feelings while you're still conscious).  Which brings me to today:  A sad hungover state that leaves you exponentially more depressed than when you started.  Well enough feeling sorry for myself and onward with the day!

Obviously I turn to what else?  Food!  More specifically cookbooks.  I acquired few good ones this week to add to my collection.  And I guess I could briefly describe them to you.

I found this one in a thrift store for a buck so how could I not pick it up.  A classic collection of French recipes from the menus (up to the early eighties) of the legendary Chez Panisse restaurant.

I love finding used books tucked away on the dusty shelves of used bookstores.  Especially a gem like this one.  I was going to purchase this must have culinary encyclopedia sooner or later.  It makes for a pleasant surprise and the exact reason why I shop at second hand stores.  I could tell by bends in the pages, highlighter marks, and the name"Ewing" written around the sides that it was definitely utilized, and now it will continue it's usefulness as I consult it myself.  This book seriously has a whole world of information on food that you never thought you wanted to know!!!

I'm pretty excited about this one.  I paid a discounted price with amazon credits and got this baby new.  It's been in my wish list for awhile and it was time.  A truly remarkable cookbook in the theme of farm to table southern cuisine.  Blackberry Farm is a family owned and ran farm, restaurant, and inn in the heart of the smokey mountains of Tennessee.  Definitely one for all cooks alike to appreciate and enjoy.

I won this one online.  I haven't heard of London's Yotam Ottolenghi or his restaurant before this book.  But I am certainly amazed by his collection of 100 percent vegetarian recipes.  Every recipe utilizes fresh quality ingredients.  The pictures and the whole concept of this book has easily made this one of my favorite cookbooks that I will surely borrow from over and over again.  I am NOT a vegetarian by any means and nor is Ottolenghi,  but I could see myself leaving his vegetarian restaurant stuffed and impressed.  Check it out!

Well there you go.  This is what I do on depressing hungover heartbroken days.  And it definitely works for me (for the most part).  I guess the worse I feel the more the potential to learn and hone my culinary skills.  The glass is still a quarter full after all.  (most likely with PBR)

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