Thursday, May 19, 2011

elvis sandwich? fluffernut this!

Many good things going on this week.  My kitchen is almost complete.  It's looking so pimp(sorry too excited).  Lunch has just been killing it with this beautiful weather.  Not to mention the food.  Ramps and rhubarb and asparagus etc. (just a few of my favorite things) are growing and finding their way into our coolers and eventually our dishes.  I love fresh fruits and veggies.  Speaking of rhubarb we start to get a little crazy because for a short while this stuff just comes in an abundance.  So rhubarb pizzas and trifles and sorbet for dessert, tuna and rhubarb crudo, chilled fennel and rhubarb soup(also using yogurt, apples, star anise, and vanilla), and rhubarb ice cubes for delicious springtime cocktails.  This is what we've done so far this week.

Also going on this week, the famous Elvis sandwich or fluffernutter.  Yes I am aware these might not be the same thing, but Elvis could have put marshmallow fluff on his sammy.   Anyways I used those sandwiches for the inspiration for this week's prix fixe dessert.

It really turned out delicious.  Banana bread french toast with marshmallow fluff, peanut butter ice cream, and of course candied bacon.  Warm and cold and sweet and salty and texture and simplicity.  A little amateurish, but look who your talking too, ha!

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