Monday, May 9, 2011

chocolate buns and hot pockets

Wow am I glad last week has gone.  It's like everything happens in one week, and then the next....nothing. We got half of our new kitchen put in.  Some Cadillac ovens and ranges, an extra 2000 BTUs.  Next week we get the new tables and coolers along with some new pots and pans(maybe even a fryer, business has been good).  The Japanese tsunami/earthquake relief dinner was a complete success, despite the extraordinary amount exertion of effort that was required.  Mom's Day brunch went smooth, but it wiped me out.  Anytime you have to prep and cook up a spread like that for over 300 hundred peeps with a skeleton crew(such was ours) it takes a little out of you.  Well whatever, a new week and some new challenges are ahead I'm sure so I'll quit it with the bitching.  Here are just some random photos from the week, nothing special.

 Yay! Chocolate buns!  I didn't burn em, but I laughed my ass off when I saw them and for some reason took a pic.

 Hamachi sashimi.  The first course from the relief dinner.  Served with an Asian pear salad, a crispy chicken skin crumble, and a kombu aioli.  Sorry I didn't get any other pics from this dinner, but the menu was listed in a previous post.

Oxtail empanadas with a mache salad.  The empanadas are also stuffed with spiced sweet potatoes and bucheron cheese and topped with a sweet rosemary demi-glace.

Finally this is a chicken saltimboca.  The main course of a week long three course tasting.  A frenched leg and thigh wrapped in sage and prosciutto.  Served with roasted yukons, grilled ramps, sundried tomato puree, and topped with a marsala pan jus.  Not pictured were the first course:  tellegio arancini with arugala, savory whipped cream, and macerated blackberries;  and dessert:  a bruleed peach tart with a saffron peach coulis and a brie and citron snow. 

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