Sunday, June 5, 2011

a terrine of duck

Earlier last week I had some free time and pondered my excess of duck legs in my coolers.  Although I haven't made a ton of terrines(not even close to a pro) in my day,  I decided to wing it and whip one up.  I started with more than a dozen duck legs and thighs.  I confit'd half and deboned the other to make a mousse.  

After some time I was left with a duck mousse and confit mix in which I added some blanched yukons, dried blueberries, tarragon, and various other seasonings.  I then tossed it my loaf pan with bacon lay into it as if to rap it in delicious bacon love.

I threw it into a water bath, baked it off, weighed it off for a day, and slid it out.  Much to my surprise(not really) my sophomoric efforts paid off.  Delicious!  I served it above a bed of mache and arugala with some fresh blueberries; and dressed it all with a warm sherry-walnut emulsion which I made   from a minuscule donation from my amazing hoard of duck fat.

Another notable mention off this weeks menu would be my version of General Tso's amazing dish.  The General's lobster!  Tempura lobster is stacked on a bed of "fried rice" risotto with little gems of carrot snap peas and garlic scapes.  With the edition of a farm fresh scrambled egg, spicy "dirty" sauce and crispy rice noodles, this dish not only lived up to but surpassed the original by a mile.

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