Tuesday, March 29, 2011

gettin' drunk so i'll make it short and bitter and sweet and delicious and.....

At times it is not only food that aids in the healing of a broken soul.  Actually quite often after hours (sometimes during hours) alcohol lends a hand.  To be more specific, beer lends it's frothy hand.  To be even more specific Widmer Brothers Beer lends it's delicately and amazingly delicious, frothy, and of course  alcoholic fist.  Oowah muy freiakeen gowad!  These guys make some of my favorite beer.  Much props to my and hopefully yours soon, favorite brewing company!  Man, I love beer.
 These are the two Widmer's selections that aided me in this afternoon's pleasant moments of self- therapeutic imbibing.  Drifter, oh so delicious with accents of grapefruits, combing with the bitter hops in such an original way.  It's blows other pale ales out of the water.  Yes I am aware I sound like a putts, but leave me alone. It's the little things in life that keep me going.  Easily my most favorite beer in the world.
Next up, the legend, the beer, the Widmer Brother's Deadlift!  The hops in this beer will blow your ass right off your stool.  Finally, a beer so tough that can rock your taste buds, but without the heaviness of others to end your night early.  Did I mention it's 8.6 percent alcohol by volume?  It's like drinking to beers for the price of one.  Sorry Two-Hearted you're amazing but you can't compete!

Seriously though I started something I must go finish.  Which is drink 'til I can't feel feelings anymore.  By the way it's ok to get cheap after a few.  After all Drifter might be my favorite, but PBR is my savior.

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