Thursday, March 31, 2011

blais on!

Top chef all-stars aired last night, and my pick(most peoples pick) won it all, Richard Blais.  Not to bring down Mike Isabella whatsoever.  He is a great chef as well.  I am definitely stealing that pepperoni sauce idea.  I do believe though Richie deserved it more.  He has displayed his amazing techniques and mind blowing ideas for two whole seasons now and finally pulled off what I feel he earned in his original season.
I must say, I wish Richie would have stayed with his original dessert idea, the Captain Crunch ice cream.  It would have been tastier and simpler than his foie disaster.  The original idea reminded me of a dessert me and one of my bro's came up with.  Captain Crunch panna cotta with a Crunch Berry compote and Count Chocula anglaise with Frankenberry marshmallow shavings.  I love desserts with cereal!

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